Sense App

I re-designed the experience of a Cardinal Health app called Sense to better understand health consumerism.

fuse (Cardinal Health)
Lead UX Designer

The goal of this project was to begin to understand healthcare consumerism through an app experience. Consumers could look up nearby dentists and book appointments directly within an app. The idea was similar to Priceline in that you could find last minute deals since an open seat in a dental office is lost money. Through a heuristic review, I identified 9 simple fixes and 6 critical fixes in the app. I did usability testing to 9 participants and verified 7/9 of the simple fixes and 3/6 of the critical fixes. This convinced the product owner that changes were necessary. I made the appropriate changes and showed how they would be applied in three different concepts.

Existing app prior to the re-design (not my work)

Assessing current flow in app

Sample page in Heuristic Review

Using an Experience Map to Identify pain points in journey

First concept showing how there could be two views: List View and Map View

Second concept showing how all options could be stored within Filters