Oncology Analytics

I created a dashboard concept that helped free stakeholders from their impression of a current system.

fuse (Cardinal Health)
Lead UX Designer

The goal of this project was to show how insights could be made more usable than the current system. User adoption was in dire need of improvement and the current system was too complicated and hard to learn. Furthermore, it was outdated and limited by its technology. The existing system (i.e. what people were used to) made it hard for people to imagine something different. I pushed for getting user insights and got to hear from 12 target users on an advisory board, utilizing techniques such as usability testing and card sorting. I also trained others on the right way to ask questions and avoid biasing answers when collecting feedback. Eventually, based on the feedback, I used the same elements as the current system and modernized everything. This allowed everyone to realize how user insights had been missed allowing people to dream differently about the future of the product and how we could accommodate user needs.

The current system (not my work)

The new proposed concept