I created the walkthrough to allow patients and caregivers to quickly register to save money on medical goods.

fuse (Cardinal Health)
Lead UX Designer

The goal of this project was to create an easy digitized version of registration that currently only existed as a static Word doc. The idea was to allow them to connect with Cardinal Health services and find insurance-eligible/discounted items; and the hope was to use the app to capture new customers within a space such as Walmart. The most challenging part of this project was the timeline because we had two months to design and develop the app. We were forced to work strictly within the Agile methodology. The service was eventually piloted in four Walmart stores. Regrettably, we weren't able to performing more formal user testing along the way, so the user feedback was done internally by putting the concepts in front of my colleagues who played the role of a patient.

Existing format for people to order was too slow and required faxing/scanning.

Early iteration of the walkthrough I designed without corporate branding