InPower Wellness System

fuse (Cardinal Health)
Lead UX Designer

The goal of this project has been to help patients with keeping track of all their medications and to take them on time. It's difficult to explain how much work has been poured into this product. There would be too many screens to show, too many flows to show, and too much usability testing to talk about it. It was tough coming in midway after the hardware had already been designed and most of the style of interface was established. I've done my best to make sure new features are intuitive and am currently refreshing the aesthetic of the interface (based on the brand). Since I've joined, every step has been led by learning from the users. To date, I've led usability research sessions where we've talked to over 50 different participants. My initiative marked the first time usability testing was done in-house, saving the company tens of thousands of dollars.

How pills are removed from the device

One of many user flows made to understand how patient would interact with device

New branding applied to interface

Getting informal feedback on the device

Formal usability testing setup

Getting formal feedback from usability testing with a patient

Sample usability script that has all the questions verbatim that I covered in each session