Pharmacist AR

I designed a Hololens experience where a pharmacist could imagine a future where they could see patient information right away.

fuse (Cardinal Health)
Lead UX Designer

The goal of this project was to give hundreds of pharmacists at the annual Retail Business Conference a glimpse into the future by letting them experience a working prototype on the Hololens. The real challenge was creating a believable language that they could imagine learning. This was necessary because pharmacists need to synthesize a lot of information to quickly react to their patient's situations. It also shows how this data could work inside the limited real estate of the Hololens without overwhelming the user.

Microsoft's Hololens

1– Notification of appointment

2 – Menu opens after facial recognition

3 – View profile

4 – Check on medical adherence

5 – Check on biometric data

6 – View pharmacogenomic data

7 – View recommendations and opportunities